ARTIST Press Kit

We want you to spread the word about Mayfaire by-the-Lake!  Here is a press kit to help you spread the word.  Please feel free to download any of the following attachments to use in your Social Media or Advertising methods with your clients.  Many of your clients follow you to your shows, and we'd love for them to know about Mayfaire.  We hope this will help you in your advertising efforts!


Promotional Materials

Please feel free to download and use the Mayfaire by-the-Lake logos, poster, and email image to promote the show. Click below to access the Mayfaire 2018 Dropbox.

Drop this Post Card into an email to your customers to advertise your participation in Mayfaire by-the-Lake.  

Download (142 kB)

As a complimentary benefit, we offer our Mayfaire by-the-Lake artists a one-hour marketing session to help promote themselves and festivals. Friends, partners, and spouses welcome.  

Friday, May 11th
4:30 pm - 5:30 pm

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