2019 Featured image & Merchandise

'Spring Joy,' 2019 Mayfaire Featured Image.

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Featured Image Artist

Susan Currier

Throughout her life, Susan Currier has pursued her art in a multifaceted way. After extensive studies at Ringling College of Art and Design, Susan has brought her ideas to fruition through photography, painting, drawing, and jewelry design.

Susan is currently exploring her love of free associative drawing through live sketch and gesture. She draws through direct observation in the field and then refines her work and brings her drawings to completion in the studio. Her most recent drawings focus on depicting moments in the lives of domesticated animals. When not out in the world sketching, Susan can be found in her studio near the Sebastian River, on the east coast of Florida.

2019 Mayfaire by-the-Lake Fine Arts Festival Merchandise

Stop by the Polk Museum of Art tent on the Library Lawn or in The Shop at Polk Museum of Art to purchase one of our Mayfaire by-the-Lake 2019 keepsakes.  This year, we will offer a white comfort cotton t-shirt ($12-$16), commemorative poster (unsigned - $5/ signed by artist - $7) , 5 x 5 note cards - set of 8 ($16), and a 3 x 3 magnet ($5).